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Our Relocation

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God has been stirring us in a new way. There is a growing sense that we should be praying, thinking, dreaming, and stepping into our community with renewed effort. It seems that God is moving us to ReDiscover what he meant in Ephesians 3:10 that “through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known.”

God has placed us in the Irmo/Chapin community and has given us property here. We don’t direct our steps… God does. We don’t set our agenda… God does.  How amazing would the heart of our church be if everyone moved from pursuing their own personal kingdom to praying, “Your kingdom come. Your will be done.”? We truly believe that God is calling us to ReDiscover his call for our lives. 

But this change of heart can only come through the work of the Gospel. So any step toward the community around us, must begin with our own surrender to Jesus. In that, we ReDiscover his love for us, his call on our lives, and the redeeming power of his death and resurrection.


Currently, the architect is drafting detailed plans so that we can lock in final pricing for the entire project. We expect these plans to be completed by September, and this is the last step before we sign a contract to begin construction.  However, this is truly a matter of prayer for us as a congregation. We want to “keep in step with the Spirit” in this endeavor. So we trust him and plead for his provision and guidance. Costs could continue to escalate throughout the summer, and at this point, there is a sizeable gap between the project’s cost and the combination of what we have authorized to borrow and what we have pledged toward this project. 

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  • Perry Specht
  • Steve Miller
  • Jack Hoekstra
  • Benji Noblitt
  • Keith Kneeshaw
  • Leland Suddeth
  • Chuck Soloman
  • Larry Christian


Prayer: Pray for our leaders as they continue to make financial decisions.

Contribute to Our Relocation/Building Fund: Visit Our Online Giving Site.