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Our Vision

A Gospel-Community for Our Community

As a people being transformed by God's grace and worshipping him, Grace Point exists to make disciples of Jesus, lay down our lives for one another, and work for the good of our community and, through it, the world.

What is the Gospel? The Gospel is the good news that Jesus is "making all things new" (Revelation 21:5). The Gospel is not merely a set of propositions to be believed but also a supernatural power to be released in and through our lives. The Gospel is grounded upon the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus because he endured, overcame, and redeemed all that is wrong in the world. So in the pattern of the cross and resurrection, the Gospel brings dead hearts to life again. The Gospel heals, restores, and transforms. It brings those effects to all aspects of our lives - our marriages, our families, our work, our entertainment, our money, and our time. The Gospel is also all about the grace of God. We don't earn God's favor. Instead, he freely gives it to us. We don't make up for our sin against God. Instead, Jesus paid the penalty for our sin on the cross. We don't restore our relationship with God. Instead, he reconciles us to himself. The Gospel is not what we do, but rather, it is what Jesus has already done.

What is a Gospel-Community? As a Gospel-Community, we are a group of people who are following Jesus and surrendering our lives to him. Since the Gospel of grace radically transforms our hearts, we seek to lay our lives down for each other, just as Jesus did for us. The Gospel also changes the way we relate as it frees us to challenge each other, to forgive, to ask for forgiveness, and to reconcile with each other. A Gospel-Community also recognizes that our own personal transformation flourishes through deep relationships with God's people. We are constantly calling each other to live by faith and follow Jesus in giving our lives away, which is the heart of discipleship.  More about Discipleship

How do we work for the good of the community where God has placed us? God's mission for the world becomes our mission. Just as God is seeking to restore broken things in this world, this becomes the heartbeat of God's people as well. So the Gospel moves us outside of ourselves for the good of the world around us. It gives us eyes to see opportunities to love, serve, and share the grace of Jesus. "God's grace brings renewal internally (in us) so that it might bring renewal externally (through us)." God has placed us in the Dutch Fork/Chapin area. Therefore, we ought to strive for the good of this place. This local focus doesn't ignore the world, but we feel that the best way to reach the world is to impact our local community deeply. Our focus is on the neighbors around us and the community to which God has called us. In seeking to impact our local area, we are going to reach the worldwide community as people move to other places and as we support and send laborers to other nations.