The Blind See

October 25, 2020 Speaker: Keith Kneeshaw Series: ACTS: Witnesses to the Power of God

Passage: Acts 26:1–32

In Acts 26, Paul's conversation to faith in Christ is recorded for a third time.  Obviously, since the details are written multiple times in the book, this event holds significant impact in the advancement of the Gospel throughout the Gentile world.  Paul tells King Agrippa that he was confronted by Jesus and was blinded by his glory.  As Paul experienced Jesus, he was completely turned around.  He was humbled, changed, and redirected in life.  He became "obedient to the heavenly vision" by declaring that Jesus suffered and rose from the dead.  He proclaimed a message that helps all people to truly see.



1) What is conversion?

2) How does conversion happen?
3) What does conversion produce?

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