Characters in Proverbs: The Fool

January 24, 2021 Speaker: Keith Kneeshaw Series: Proverbs

All throughout Proverbs, wisdom is given to God's people. Yet, what about the people that ignore the wisdom that God offers? The book of Proverbs describes these tendencies through character sketches of the fool, the one who is simple or naive, the mocker, and the sluggard.   For this week, we will study the fool. God will hopefully reveal to us how much folly has taken ahold of us, and how he might heal us from such foolishness.


1. The Heart of Fools
    a. Revealed as They Speak
    b. Always Right
    c. Refuse to be Corrected
    d. Reactive Anger
    e. Closed Off to God
2. Hope for Fools


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