The Lord Your God is With You

April 10, 2022 Speaker: Keith Kneeshaw Series: The Minor Prophets

Passage: Zephaniah 3:8–20

In Zephaniah 3:9, the tone of the entire book switches from judgment to grace. God declares the actions he will take in order to reverse the effects of the people's sin and the judgment that followed. In these verses, the grace, love, and forgiveness of God are on display. This led one commentator to write, "One of the most awesome descriptions of the wrath of God in judgment found anywhere in Scripture appears in the opening verses of Zephaniah.… One of the most moving descriptions of the love of God for his people found anywhere in Scripture appears in the closing verses of Zephaniah." Join us on Sunday as we celebrate the goodness and grace of our God.

1) The Reversal of the Effects of Sin
2) The Reorientation of Our View of the Future
3) The Rejoicing of God

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