The Wheat and Weeds

June 19, 2022 Speaker: Keith Kneeshaw Series: The Parables of Jesus

Passage: Matthew 13:24–30, Matthew 13:36–43

This upcoming Sunday will be the second week of our study of the parables. As Jesus teaches through parables, he begins to "utter what has been hidden since the foundation of the world" (Matt. 13:35). In this parables, Jesus further describes his kingdom, which states that in this present age, both the "sons of the kingdom" and the "sons of the evil one" will intermingle. The "enemy" will also be active during this time. However, at the end of this age (at Jesus' Second Coming), he will remove all sin and lawlessness. 

1) Current Characteristics of the Kingdom
    - The Enemy is Active
    - The Rebellious Remain

2) Future Consummation of the Kingdom
    - Judgment Day
    - Evil is Driven Out
    - The Righteous Shine Like the Sun

3) Living Now in Light of the Future
    - What does kingdom advancement look like?
    - What characteristics develop in kingdom-minded people?

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