The Gospel for the Slave

January 22, 2023 Speaker: Keith Kneeshaw Series: Gospel Reset

Passage: Romans 6:5–23

On Sunday we will look at "The Gospel for the Slave" from Romans 6:5-23. The promise of the Gospel is that we have been set free. Yet, do we really know from what we have been set free? Typically, we would answer accurately that we have been set from slavery to sin. Yet, there is another interesting aspect to the freedom of the Gospel. We have been freed from the oppression of the Law. Join us on Sunday as we see how the Gospel frees us from slavery to sin and slavery to the Law.

1) Our Slavery to Sin Died with Christ
     - The Oppression of the Law
     - The Bondage of Sin
2) Our Freedom was Secured by Christ's Resurrection

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