The Lord's Supper

March 12, 2023 Speaker: Todd Boone Series: Passion Week

Passage: Luke 22:7–23

Taking Communion can so easily become rote and routine among God's people. Every three weeks we eat and we drink and we read the words of institution. Yet, of all the things that Jesus could have done with his disciples the night before his death, he chose to have Passover meal with them and to institute the Lord's Supper. What makes this sacrament so important? Why would Jesus give it so much emphasis by his own words and actions? How does eating bread and drinking from the cup really do anything for me as a Christian with real life problems? Listen, as we read from Luke 22:7-23 and hear Jesus call us to "do this in remembrance of me."

1) Looking Behind
2) Looking Ahead
3) Looking to the Cross

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