God of Redemption

April 23, 2023 Speaker: Keith Kneeshaw Series: Change

Passage: Joshua 2:1–24

In this sermon, we will continue our study of the book of Joshua as we look at Joshua 2:1-24. This is the story of how Rahab, the prostitute, hid the Israelite spies while they were scouting out Jericho. This is a fascinating scene where we see Rahab become the first recorded convert among the Canaanite people. Later in the New Testament, Rahab is remembered for her faith and her good works. As we consider that God leads us through changing circumstances, we know that he will often surprise us by the way he accomplishes his plan. Listen as we see God's faithfulness and the way he redeems people as well.

1) God Redeems Our Past Failings
2) God Uses Us to Accomplish His Plan
3) God is Glorified in Our Profession of Faith

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