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Volunteers Needed

Children's Ministry is in need of volunteers. If you are interested in one (or more) of the roles below, please email Beth for more information. 
  1. 3-year old Sunday school teacher for the second Sunday of the month    (Curriculum provided)
  2. Nursery Volunteer - 4th Sunday of the Month Worship Service
  3. Additional Workshop Leads to Work Out Schedule with team - Game Room, Art Room, Map Room, and Theater
  4. Jr Church Supervisor - One Sunday a month (Lesson is done by someone else.  You just have to supervise)
  5. Puppets for the Puppet Show (The First Ten Minutes of the Sermon time once a month)
  6. Assistants for Workshops (Can be Youth or adults.  No preparation or work required.)
  7. Art Room Teachers
Children's Ministry Volunteer Training session is scheduled on September 9th during Sunday School.