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Small Groups

We are firmly convinced that God created us to live our lives in community.  This means that we need to live in a way that invites others to be deeply involved with us.  We need the encouragement, and the challenges that come from being "others" focused, and that's what living in community does.

For this reason, Small Groups are part of the lifeblood of Grace Point.  We love worshipping withsalters-small-group the entire congregation on Sunday mornings, but the families that we spend time with in our community groups are the ones who know us best. These are the folks we rejoice with when things go well and they are the same folks we rely on when times are tough.  Our Small Groups are open to all so feel free to visit one...or talk to Keith about starting a new one!

There are currently several groups that meet at different times and in different parts of our community.  Give us a call and pay a visit.  We would love it! 

To get connected email us at [email protected].