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Mercy Meals

The Mercy Meals Ministry at Grace Point provides meals to our Grace Point family in times of personal need such as childbirth, adoption, illness, surgery, financial hardship, caring for aging loved ones, addiction, marriage struggles, etc.  Meal Deliveries are available for Grace Point members and visitors.  Freezer meals are available for pickup at church and can be used as a ministry resource to share with coworkers, neighbors, those in your “personal mission field” as you share your faith in Christ.

Grace Point Members and Visitors: If you are in need of a meal, or would like to provide a meal to someone in our community, call or stop by the church office Tuesday through Friday from 9:30-2 PM. (803-753-1499) You can also contact a Grace Point meal coordinator (please see contact info at the bottom of this page).

If you are not currently plugged in at Grace Point but have a need, we'd really like to talk
with you and learn how we can help. Please call the church office or email us about your need: information@gracepointsc.com and you will be directed to a deacon, elder or pastor.

If you would like to help with mercy meals, there are lots of ways to do so!  
Go to the link below to find out more information...

Helping with Mercy Meals

Current Meal Needs

Please contact us if you are aware of meal needs in our community or if you’d like to plug in to this ministry. We would love to serve with you!

Meal Coordinators
Janet Bowers: (803)622-6679 or janet@focusedliving.com
Jeannie Mason: (803)917-9522 or jeannie.mason@me.com
Jill Vandermeulen: (205)492-5735 or njvander@bellsouth.net
Sheri Specht: (803)873-1140 or sherispecht@gmail.com