Surprising Majesty

January 28, 2024 Speaker: Todd Boone Series: Psalms

Passage: Psalm 8

Life is full of surprises! We encounter events each day that defy odds of likelihood. "Who would have thought that that car would have pulled out in front of me?" "I never would have guessed that my child would have said that." "I didn't anticipate that headline in the news this morning." We react in all kinds of ways to these surprises. In Psalm 8, we are given a surprise that is impossible to imagine - Why would the Lord Almighty set his affection upon me? And how could this possibly reveal God's majesty? The psalmist sets this surprise before us, and calls us to respond in nothing other than worship of our great God! 

1. Responding to Majesty 
2. Surprising Majesty
3. Majesty as Care

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