The Trial

March 26, 2023 Speaker: Keith Kneeshaw Series: Passion Week

Passage: Mark 14:53–65, Genesis 15:1–15

In this sermon, we will study Mark 14:53-65, 15:1-15, passages that recount Jesus being tried before the religious leaders and then Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor. Since Jesus hadn't committed any crimes, false testimony was brought against him. Yet, Jesus did not defend himself. He allowed himself to be maligned so that he could endure the cross and be our Savior. Listen as we see Jesus, the righteous one, taking the place of the guilty. 

1) The Righteous One Treated Like a Criminal
    - Innocent, Yet Treated Like the Guilty
    - Truthful, Yet Lied About
    - Deserving Worship, Yet Despised and Rejected
2) The One Who Will Judge is the One Who is Judged

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