Don’t Be Afraid

July 2, 2023 Speaker: Keith Kneeshaw Series: Change

Passage: Joshua 10:16– 11:23

In this sermon, we will look at a large passage (Joshua 10:16-11:23) that recounts how Israel conquered both the southern and northern parts of Canaan. Throughout these battles, God continued to show himself faithful to his promise to give them the land. We will see that he is far more powerful than the seemingly insurmountable difficulties that we face and greater than our fears as well. And in all of this, we see Joshua willing to obey God's commands fully by decisively moving against the sin and rebellion of the Canaanites. Listen as we learn what God has for us through the conquest narratives of Joshua.

1) God's Power Over the Difficulties We Face
2) God's Power Over Our Fears
3) God's Power Against the Contagious Nature of Sin

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