Serve the Faithful God

August 6, 2023 Speaker: Todd Boone Series: Change

Passage: Joshua 23–24

Life in the Bible-belt can be pretty easy. I can call myself a Christian, be a good neighbor, I can even wear a Grace Point t-shirt that has a Christian message on it and not even bat an eye. Is this what it means to claim YHWH as your God? Is this what Joshua meant when he said, "But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"? The Lord is calling us to something deep, something stark, something impossible, yet beautiful. Join us this Sunday as we look at Joshua 23-24 and see what kind of commitment the Lord is calling us to, and who this faithful God is that is calling us.

1. Faithful to Anger
2. Faithful to Remind
3. Faithful to Charge

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