Our Refuge & Our Reward

July 23, 2023 Speaker: Keith Kneeshaw Series: Change

Passage: Joshua 13–21

We will look at Joshua 13-21 again in this sermon. This week we will focus on the tribe of Levi since they were not given an allotment of land as their inheritance. Our passage says that "the offerings by fire to the Lord" were their inheritance (Joshua 13:14). Later, it says that "the LORD God of Israel is their inheritance" (Joshua 13:33). This concept will cause us to wrestle with the true nature of our inheritance as God's people. We will also explore the issues of justice through the Cities of Refuge, which act as a safe haven for people who accidentally did something that led to the death of another person. This is another fascinating look into the heart of God for his people and his concern for justice. Listen as we explore these chapters of Joshua for one more week.

1) God's Pursuit of Justice
2) God's Heart of Justice
3) God Himself is Our True Inheritance

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